Telling Jefferson Lies Podcast Series

Telling Jefferson Lies

Beginning in January, 2024, the authors of Getting Jefferson Right plan to bring you a look back at the events of 2012 which led to Thomas Nelson pulling David Barton’s The Jefferson Lies from publication. Some of that backstory has never been told. We have interviews with the historians consulted by Jay Richards in order to make the case that Barton’s book didn’t have the facts.

We also expand the scope of analysis to include revisionist history more broadly. Warren Throckmorton hosts the podcast and interviews noted historians and writers such as Jemar Tisby, John Fea, Katherine Stewart, Troy Jackson, Glenn Sunshine, Greg Forster, Glenn Moots, Gregg Frazer, Paul Matzko, Joel McDurmon, and David Austin Walsh to get their perspective on how David Barton and other Christian nationalists twist history to fit into a past usable for current political postures.

Getting Jefferson Right co-authors, Warren Throckmorton and Michael Coulter discuss their book project, and along with insights from guests such as Bob Smietana, offer suggestions for countering revisionist history in today’s polarized environment.