Getting Jefferson Right Endorsement – Greg Forster

Greg Forster is Senior Fellow and Affiliate Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL. He is also the president of the Karam Fellowship. Greg sent along the following endorsement of the second edition of Getting Jefferson Right:

Ideologues and demagogues are working harder than ever to control how the story of our history is told. We cannot even speak to each other effectively, much less find common ground, if each of us lives in our own little self-created universe where we can make anything up and refuse to be held accountable to the actual historical record. Careful and responsible investigations, focused above all on getting the facts right, are indispensable to any effort to resist the siren songs of extremism. Getting Jefferson Right helps us get Jefferson right, and by doing so, helps Americans of all persuasions understand both themselves and one another more clearly.

Greg is a John Locke scholar who has called out David Barton’s distortions of Locke on my blog and at First Things. We are glad to have his endorsement of GJR!