David Barton on Real Life with Jack Hibbs: Did the University of Virginia Have Chaplains?

ShareDavid Barton was on Calvary Chapel pastor Jack Hibbs’ show Real Life with Jack Hibbs last night. Part one is available on You Tube with apparently more to come. They didn’t get into much until near the end of this segment. At about 22 minutes into the video, Barton accuses others of using history to […]

Virginia Slave Law: 1782 Act to Authorize the Manumission of Slaves.

ShareThis law (scroll to page 39) allowed the emancipation of slaves by an owner either at death through a will or while an owner was alive via a deed of manumission. Many slaves were freed by their owners as the result of this law. Legal adults of sound mind and body did not need support from […]

The Emancipation of James Armistead Lafayette

ShareIn his World rebuttal to us, David Barton claims that the case of James Armistead  Lafayette proves that we did not take into account slave laws other than the 1782 law allowing owners to emancipate their slaves. The situation of this slave who became a double agent during the Revolutionary War is an interesting story […]