Got a Question About American History: Ask a Professor

Send us your questions and we will do our best to answer them or route them to our growing list of history, political science and religion professors who will provide whatever facts are relevant to the question.

Where there are honest disagreements, we will try to provide at least two documented perspectives. The questions or issues will be addressed according to the facts as they can be known. We don’t warranty the answers but we will do our best to get the facts, no matter where they lead.

Our panel of profs includes:

Jared Burkholder (History, Grace College)
Rob Clemm (History, Grove City College)
John Fea (History, Messiah College)
Gregg Frazer (History, Master’s College)
Gillis Harp (History, Grove City College)
Paul Kemeny (Religion, Grove City College)
Gary Scott Smith (History, Grove City College)

To send in a question, click the link below:


Ask a Professor